India ratifies UN’s TIR convention for international transportation of goods

The government early this week confirmed ratifying United Nations Transports Internationaux Routiers Convention (TIR), becoming 71st country to join the UN-promoted universal transit system for goods. The move is likely to streamline the movement of goods to/from India by international road networks and further consolidate its position in South Asia.

TIR, a global benchmark for the shipment of goods by roads is managed by International Road Transport Union (IRU). India’s decision to join it is aimed at ensuring better connectivity with manufacturing and trade hubs beyond its borders. Reacting to India’s decision, the IRU said in a statement that it will put India “at the center of efforts to increase trade and regional integration across South Asia and other regions”. TIR is expected to facilitate better integration of India’s trade and commerce with Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal, as well as to move goods along the International North-South Transport Corridor via the Chabahar port in Iran, and to access Afghanistan.

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