Budget Expectations

More incentives for cashless transaction

The new government has brought in some great potentials for the economic up-liftment of the country and I am sure they might already have some great budgetary roadmap planned for us.

Mr Chander Agarwal (2)
Chander Agarwal, Managing Director, TCI EXPRESS

Our primary expectation lies in the timely implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) as that would result in absorption of various taxes involved in transportation of goods and services, which will increase efficiency in our operations. Last year we saw about INR 2.31 lakh crore was announced to be invested in infrastructure, which shows the importance of upgrading our infrastructure. Hence will look forward to some emphasize on improving the infrastructure this year as well as it is a boon not only for express delivery players but many industries.


Thirdly, with the recent implementation of demonetisation, the industry is moving towards a digital and cashless mode of transaction. Hence I would expect to see more incentives for every cashless transaction. I also understand this will motivate increased adoption towards technology. Lastly, it will be interesting to look forward to more schemes under Make in India, Skill India, and Digital India initiatives.”


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