Low IIP growth in February

The IIP (Index of Industrial Production) growth in the country in February stood at a meager 1 percent vis-à-vis the corresponding month last year.

Coal production increased by 7.1 % in February, 2017 over February, 2016. However, there was a decline of 3.4 percent in crude oil production. steelThe natural gas production and refinery products too followed the similar trajectory declining by 1.7 % and 2.3 percent respectively. Fertiliser production too was under pressure as its growth went down by 5.3 percent. Cement production also did not fare well with a reported slump of 15.8 percent. However, steel production increased by 8.7 % and its cumulative index during April to February, 2016-17 increased by 9.1 % over the corresponding period of previous year. A marginal increase of 1.5 percent was also witnessed in electricity generation.

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