GPS Suvidha

World is shrinking and the distances are increasing, people are away from each other but wants to be connected. Global Positioning System came as a solution and has many times proved that how useful it is to be when used with vehicles, assets, and child security and employee management.

TruckSuvidha after being on the way towards a leading online portal fortransport industry hasentered in GPS domain and doing good, under the brand name of GPS Suvidha, to provide its customers a complete transportation related solution at one step.

GPS Suvidha facilitates its users with all the latest features to ease their lives and give them a sense of security,for their goods, their vehicles, their belongings and many more.

GPS Suvidha helps user inFleet Management, Vehicle Tracking Solution, Employee & Business Monitoring, School Bus Trackingand Asset Tracking. It helps its users through wireless expertise; provide software advancement and other innovative solution to different problems.

Employee & Business monitoring is a big challenge coming in front of every employer which needs to be taken care of as it includes human resource. It helps in monitoring employee performance; calculate time needed to complete a task/ meeting, performance appraisal and much more is automatically generated.

Every child is precious to their parent and hence wants to give best to them. Then why compromise on their safety? Get your ward’s school bus fitted with GPS devices andkeep check on your child’s every movement. Avoid accidents, provide security and make your child feel that his/her parents are with him/her every time and every place.

After getting connected with GPS Suvidha, user can have access to accurate timesheets of drivers’ arrival and departure; their loading – unloading durations, theft and time lagging; tracking their vehicles and assets and keeping records and real time monitoring of their vehicles. Generate spreadsheets and plan vehicle’s trip accordingly.

Along with this, GPS Suvidha also provides benefits of Automatic alerts in case of any emergency, Fuel cuts, Geo Fencing technology and POI (Point of Interest).

Fuel Cuts helps the owner in cutting Fuel supply whenever any unauthorised access alert has been received. This gives complete control to the owner of his vehicle and takes care of it.

Geo Fencing Technology provides the way to empower owner to keep full track and surveillance of his vehicle and valuables, by knowing which area it is going to enter and exit and at what point in time, by marking that area on global map and getting regular alerts.

Point of Interest helps the user to pin point certain location/s and get an alert whenever vehicle crosses that POI.

This is not all what GPS Suvidha is delivering to its customers; it is backed by well qualified customer service staff through Helpline No. 8882-08-08-08 to assist and guide the customers, supported with well trained technical experts, covering pan India.

It is still evolving and looking forward for further future growth and new aspects, so that it could keep its promise of satisfying its customers to the maximum.

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