Over Rs 90,000 crore GST first month revenue collection

The total revenue of GST paid under different heads upto 29th August, 2017 is Rs.92,283 crore.  The total CGST revenue is Rs.14,894 crore, SGST revenue is Rs.22,722 crore, IGST revenue is Rs.47,469 crore (of which IGST from imports is Rs.20,964 crore) and Cess is Rs.7,198 crore (of which Rs.599 crore is Compensation Cess from imports).

According to a government release, out of total 72.33 lakh taxpayers, 58.53 lakh taxpayers have completely migrated to the GSTN and 13.80 lakh taxpayers are yet to complete their procedural formalities to migrate to the GSTN.  The number of new taxpayers who have registered with the GSTN upto 29th August, 2017 is 18.83 lakhs.


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