Product Name: Modular Belt Turning Conveyor

Belt Material: modular plastic belt


  1.  inner radius: 600mm, save space very much
  2. long time service life: 5-7 times longer than belt/roller conveyor.
  3. stable: driven by sprocket,no slipping and no deviation
  4. less maintenance: rarely maintenance per year and each time 3-5 mins
    can be finished
  5. several angle options:30/45/60/90/135/180 degree
  6. cost recovery period: 3-9 months

Function: corner bridge for standard cartons,soft parcels,books,gunny bags/lungage etc.
Application: e-commerce/express/logistics distribution center/food/packing/airport etc.

Price reference:

900*900,600mm inner radius, EXW $3000/set

If interested, please get in touch with

Eliza Liu at:

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