Virtual Hospital can provide a major boost to medical tourism

A professional organisation with doctors, healthcare professionals, Hospital Companion & Patient Coach on board, India Virtual Hospital team is trained to support and hand-hold patients to manage their medical and surgical care away from home, says Swadeep Srivastava, Founder & Chief Belief Officer, India Virtual Hospital


India is going to be the hub for medical tourism in near future. According to a report of CII the treatment quality in India is at par with first world countries and the cost for the same is one-tenth here. The reports says, the current Medical tourism Market in India is estimated to be around $3-4 billion, which is projected to continuously grow at 20-25% YoY. Highly experienced Doctors from US, UK & other foreign language speaking Medical Professionals make it convenient for patients from worldwide to come and avail medical treatment in India. Apart from these, India has the largest pool of Doctors across South Asia. Immense improvement in use Health Technology & facilities to bring in cost cutting treatment modules, world-class care, ease in government policies regarding medical visas have been a major factors for the growth. India is among the top five countries visited by medical travelers and expected to be in top three countries by 2020. There are 36 Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals in India which boosts the growth of Medical Tourism in India. There are constant investments in development of technology and operative techniques. Recent advancements in medical sector like robotic surgeries, radiation surgery or radio therapies with cyber knife options, IMRT/IGRT, transplant support systems, advanced neuro and spinal options are all available in India. Government of India has also identified the potential of this sector and has taken initiatives to boost it. E visas & Medical Visa on arrival options are available to most of the countries. Other than these, India has a legacy of ethnic treatment like Yoga, Naturopathy and other alternative medicine which are slowly getting global acceptance, especially for preventative therapies which is a major source of attraction for foreign patients. In order to provide dedicated institutional framework to medical tourism, government has constituted a National Medical & Wellness and Tourism Board which includes AYUSH ( Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and homeopathy ).


Contribution of India Virtual Hospital in growth of Medical tourism within India:


The major chunk of patients comes from African Countries, Middle east, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar etc. Bangladesh and Afghanistan dominate the Indian Medical Tourism market with approximately 34 per cent share. Similarly, the domestic medical travelers market – patients travelling from smaller cities to metro cities like Delhi for tertiary care treatment – is growing at a healthy pace. Our research shows that about 30-35% of beds are occupied in most hospitals of Delhi by domestic medical travelers. This segment offers huge potential and there is a great need to focus on patient care and make the patient treatment journey as smooth as possible.

Medical treatment facilitation service is very much scattered in India. There are a few (you can count on fingers) dedicated platforms, who work as a ‘True Partner’ for a medical traveler when he/she steps in an alien city/country to fulfill his/her medical needs. There have always been reports of medical travelers been fleeced charged higher than actuals. When a Medical traveler is visiting India for sake of treatment, apart from the treatment, the another most important element he/she misses with these bunch of unprofessional facilitators is “Patient Care”.
India Virtual Hospital is one stop solution for all those medical travelers. We empower a medical traveler by providing him/her with all kind facilities. India Virtual Hospital (IVH) is an organized, professional and tech-oriented process of ‘decision-making’ by empowering patients with right and relevant information and facilitating them at every step for smooth and seamless patient care experience. We have a tech-enabled specialized Medical Concierge Service addressing the needs of Medical Travelers (domestic & international) looking for quality medical treatments in Indian Hospitals and Health Care Centers. A professional organization with doctors, healthcare professionals, Hospital Companion & Patient Coach on board, IVH team is trained to support and help patients to manage their medical and surgical care away from home. Our experienced Hospital Companion hand holds the patient throughout his/her treatment journey. With technology as the backbone, we want to minimize all the challenges faced by medical travelers, right from availing second opinion to the cost & quality analysis of Indian hospitals to forex & visa documentation to travel, stay, food to hospital admission & discharge and finally post operation recovery assistance in his home destination.  Our Patient Care application, which is available in Google Play helps the patient to register themselves and inform their relatives in day to day improvement in treatment process. We are investing in technology and processes to provide consistent support to prospective patients both before they are on board and after they have been discharged. It aims to build a long term engagement with them leveraging technology. Apart from this, taking our PM Modiji’s vision to the next level, we are offering 3 Yoga Sessions & 1 Ayurveda Consultation free of cost to the patients registering with us.


India Virtual Hospital aims to penetrate in domestic market and empower Domestic Medical traveler:


Treatment quality in tier 2 &3 cities are improving with the help of government intervention but the process is slow. We as a ‘Medical Traveler Companion’ are penetrating into those areas and educating & empowering patients to take the right decision & go for the best choice possible. With the help of technology we are empowering them with second opinion from highly experienced doctors of tier 1 city, sitting in their hometown. We are also in the process of setting tele-medicine supported IVH Clinics, which will help a patients from rural areas & Tier-2/3 towns to get second opinion at the right time & in most hassle free way. We are also organizing free health check camp’ Health Talks every month in Tier2/3 towns where we take these experienced Specialist Drs. Apart from these, we have introduced an Expanded Patients Care Program, wherein we have already Trained more than 100 Patient Care Partners who support/ assist the Patients & their families using our Patient Care App, make the right choice & timely decision to go for the major surgeries & treatment procedures as leading Hospitals in metros like Delhi, as we believe that ‘Patient Care’ begins from the time of ‘Decision Making’, once you have been diagnosed with a disease & the decision of the treatment has to be made quickly.


Once a patient books his treatment through us, our Patient Coach (a qualified Dr or a an experienced Patient Counselor) educate & give him/ her the right choice & guide them. Once a Patient arrives here, our Hospital Companion becomes his true Partner & is personally available with the Patient & their family from Hospital Admission to Discharge & help them handle all Hospital & Concierge related challenges with ease & comfort. At the end, we believe in achieving a very high level of ‘Patient Happiness Index’ through a fully satisfied, happy & healthy Patient who goes back treated & recovered to his full glory.



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