FedEx partners road assessment programme in India

International Road Assessment Programme, a registered charity dedicated to preventing road deaths through safer road infrastructure, in association with FedEx Express, have launched of the Indian Road Assessment Programme (IndiaRAP), in New Delhi.

The IndiaRAP programme aims to address the highest risk roads around the country in partnership with national and state agencies.  The programme will be led by local experts, using local research and resources, supported by the global International Road Assessment Programme that includes partners in more than 80 countries.

“The India chapter of International Road Assessment Programme will bring together government, investment, research and NGO partners from across the country,” said Rob McInerney, chief executive officer, International Road Assessment Programme.


IndiaRAP will provide policy, performance tracking and investment tools for governments to measure and manage road safety infrastructure and optimize investments across the country.  The IndiaRAP team will also build local capacity and expertise by connecting Indian road safety experts with colleagues from around the world. “IndiaRAP will seek to eliminate one- and two-star unsafe roads and to become a leader in promoting the design and construction of brand new five-star safe and smart motorways in the country,” added McInerney.

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