American Airlines Cargo claims success of green programme

According to a recent release by American Airlines Cargo, ever since employees led the innovative Fuel Smart initiative back in 2005, American Airlines has saved millions of gallons of fuel from being consumed by its aircraft and support vehicles, while also cutting millions of pounds of CO2 emissions from being thrust into the atmosphere. The airline has specified following areas where it has demonstrated success in its environment friendly initiatives:

Lightweight containers: American deploys more than 5,000 reusable lightweight composite cargo containers, reducing weight and saving more than 1 million gallons of fuel every year.

New aircraft: American’s 777-300 aircraft burns one-third less fuel than older 747s, and it emits 20 percent less CO2 than the nearest competitor.

Recycling efforts: American’s Cargo stations recycle about 85,000 pounds (38,555 kilograms) of shrink-wrap every year. That’s equivalent to 1.2 million water bottles!

Saving paper: The carrier’s eFreight initiative will bring the logistics process into the digital age and cut down on the thousands of pounds of paper every year.

Biofuel trials: American works with biofuel companies to get even smarter about its fuel consumption, especially in the international markets where the flights are much longer.

 “As a global cargo carrier, we’re deeply committed to finding new and better ways to ensure we’re running a sustainable operation, whether that’s by reducing our carbon footprint through new tools and technology, or simply recycling the plastic materials we use daily to protect and package our shipments,” said David Vance, VP – Cargo Operations. “Our efforts are part of a major, overall initiative everyone here at American Airlines, which everyone feels passionately about.”

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