Maharashtra becomes the biggest solar rooftop state

BRIDGE TO INDIA has released the latest edition of its info-graphic report, ‘India Solar Rooftop Map’. As per the report, India added new rooftop solar capacity of 840 MW in the 12 months ending September 2017, at annual growth of 82%. Total installed capacity as of September 2017 stood at 1,861 MW. The key finding of the report is a change in the numero uno ranking in solar rooftop among states with Maharastra becoming the leading state in the country.

The report highlights that commercial and industrial consumers remain the biggest consumer segment accounting for 63% of total capacity and 66% of new capacity added in the last 12 months. Capacity addition in this segment grew at 86% in the 12 months.

Speaking on launch of the map, Vinay Rustagi, Managing Director, BRIDGE TO INDIA, said, “Rooftop solar has been growing robustly. Debt and equity financing is also flowing more freely now but it is still abundantly clear that the 40 GW target for March 2022 is highly unrealistic. The government would be particularly disappointed by slow pace of capacity addition in the public-sector segment despite providing a strong mandate and 25% capital subsidy. Net metering progress also remains patchy at best.”

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