ORBIT for complete supply chain visibility

FarEye, a digital logistics platform, has unveiled its Supply Chain Visibility suite – ORBIT, which allows enterprises to have complete visibility of goods while in transit from the plant right through to the final destination.  The suite which is a “platform for predictability” for freight movement, includes capability to design organization’s custom logistics process, integrates with TMS and WMS systems, allows data-driven transporter allocation, digital proof of delivery and provides live ETA during the entire journey.

FarEye is a prominent name in B2C logistics technology and is widely used by global giants like Walmart, Dominos, DHL, Noon and Amway. ORBIT is built to ensure that supply chains are reliable and optimized. It addresses one of the fundamental issues facing the industry today – greater visibility and helps businesses in making time-sensitive data-backed decisions.


Supply chain providers across the globe are aiming to achieve complete visibility and seamless collaboration amongst all the stakeholders.

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