Conversion of railways goods sheds in warehouses pick up momentum

For long, several experts have been advocating Indian railways to allow the private use of its vast network of goods sheds across the country. For private players, it would mean finding vital strategic points for the storage of their goods to improve their railways linked distribution and for railways, it would mean additional large scale revenue channel.

According to a recent report published in a leading national daily, the government now seems to be in a serious mood to implement this proposition with top companies like Amazon and Coca-Cola showing interest in taking goods sheds on lease in prime locations. The report further adds that the Indian Railways is planning to lease out 50 goods sheds out of 300 located across India. “Railway has taken initiative to modernise good sheds… with private investment. As a pilot project, three divisions of IR — Dhanbad, Vizag and Delhi — have been identified for the same. The identification of private parties for the same is under finalisation,” Railway Board chairman Ashwani Lohani has been quoted as saying in the report.

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