“People forget years and remember moments” – Anne Beattie

We do not remember the days, we remember the moments. Each special occasion, whether a marriage, birthday or travel with family and friends are all beautiful moments that we cherish.

When we travel, it is the very journey which makes it memorable and fulfilling. If you are a road trip enthusiast, the need to have a reliable and comfortable car is very important. If a road trip is not your style, you would still need a way to get around once you get off the plane. The need to have a stress less and relaxing journey is what we all seek during travel, whether it is for business or pleasure. Although we can easily book luxurious hotels or business class / first class flights with ease, there is still a big disconnect when it comes to booking luxury cars. To google and not being sure whether the kind of cars which you prefer are available in the unknown city the you are visiting is always a hassle. One is always stuck due to the lack of the travel connect when it comes to hiring a luxury car.

A wedding is a memory of a lifetime. With the craze to plan and have destination weddings, we have everything planned out in style and elan for this. Although, all elements of the wedding are planned in advance, the luxury car for the bride and groom takes a back seat until the last moment. A seamless booking experience and finding your favourite luxury car, without any hassle of running around could make the event even more enjoyable.

HYPE is the best solution to all the disconnects that we saw in the above two situations. As a luxury car aggregator, HYPE offers the India’s best luxury cars at the most competitive prices across 40 cities. With a fleet of over 2800 luxury cars, you can be assured of finding your preferred luxury car. The cars range from Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Chrysler Limousine and many more.  With a smartphone App as well as a website which helps one pick and choose and rent cars effortlessly without the hassles of negotiating with executives of various rental agencies. With HYPE, you can book a car quickly for the journey with ease.

With its wide variety of fleet that offers chauffeur driven and self-drive cars, HYPE is a pure ecstasy for Top Executives that travel business jets, young generation to spin a favourite car of their choice.

HYPE, a Bangalore based startup, founded by Raghav Belavadi, a serial entrepreneur from Switzerland is committed to give a taste of Luxury rides 24×7 to everyone that dreams luxury cars.

To know more about HYPE and to experience it, please visitwww.gohype.in or download HYPE from App store.

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