SLCM seeks patent for monitoring innovation in WMS

 Sohan Lal Commodity Management (SLCM), India’s leading agri services solutions provider, has now applied for a patent with the India Patent Office. Thepatent application titled “System and Method for Real-time Monitoring ofQuality Control Data in a Warehouse Management System” describes system andmethod which would be used for real-time monitoring of quality control datain a warehouse management system (WMS).

The company has claimed that its new artificial intelligence infused technology system and method allows syncing of data from a number of warehouse management subsystems located at different locations connected through a distributed computing network to the WMS. This helps in proper monitoring of the quality of commodities at all stages of the warehouse management operations to ensure health of commodity during the whole process. “This patentapplication contains everything you need to effectively monitor QualityControl Data in a Warehouse Management System. The inventions in thisapplication will have a huge impact on warehousing management, it willensure that there are no gaps in the warehouse management process which maylead to deterioration of commodities,” SLCM Group CEO, Sandeep Sabharwal said.

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