SEZs to be transformed into ‘Employment Enclaves’

The SEZ Policy Review Committee, headed by Baba Kalyani, met in New Delhi last week. This was the final round of consultations with the committee members under the chairmanship of the Commerce Secretary. The committee is now slated to submit its final report soon. A broader opinion which has emerged in the consultations is:  SEZ should now transform into “Employment and Economic Enclaves” (3Es) which will be an integrated ecosystem that focuses on ease of doing business, quality and infrastructure in order to reduce costs.

The objective of the Committee was to evaluate the SEZ policy framed in 2000 and suggest measures to make the policy WTO compatible, give suggestions which will encourage manufacturing and services sector and lead to maximizing utilization of vacant land in SEZs and create seamlessness between SEZ policy and other schemes like Costal Economic Zone, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, National Industrial Manufacturing Zone, Food Parks and Textile Parks.

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