Govt. claims reduction in turnaround time at ports

In a recent submission in the Lok Sabha, the Ministry of Shipping has claimed major improvement in the operations of major ports resulting from a slew of modernization initiatives in the recent years. The written reply underlined that the average Turn-Round Time, which was 82.28 hrs during 2016-17, has now come down to 64.43 hrs. The average Output per Ship Berth day also improved during 2017-18.  It was 15333 tonnes during 2017-18, whereas during 2016-17, it was 14576 tonnes.

Due to more efficient operations, the major ports in the country handled 679.37 million tonnes cargo during 2017-18 with a growth of 4.78% over 2016-17.  Around 92 MTPA capacity was added in Major ports during 2017-18.  Total capacity of Major ports which was 1359 MTPA during 2016-17 reached to the level of 1451.19 MTPA during 2017-18.

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