Enormous scope for infrastructure investment, PM tells global investors

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged global investors to aggressively participate in the massive infrastructure revamp exercise in the country. Delivering his inaugural note at the Vibrant Gujarat summit last week, the prime minister underlined that infrastructure development has been significantly expedited in the recent years and the exercise would pick up further momentum. “We are keen to scale up investments in next generation infrastructure including roads, ports, railways, airports, telecom, digital networks and energy. We are also investing heavily in our social, industrial and agri-infrastructure to give better income and quality of life to our people,” he said.

He also emphasized that the process simplification has made it easier for the investors community to participate in the India growth story. “ Our speed in road construction has almost doubled. We have done unprecedented capacity addition in major ports. Rural road connectivity is now 90 %.   The speed of setting up new rail lines, gauge conversion, doubling and electrification of railway tracks has also doubled. We are debottlenecking execution of major projects on a regular basis through an online process,” he said while adding that the Public Private Partnership regime for infrastructure has been made more investor friendly.

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