Significant jump projected in deployment of robots in warehouses

According to a recently released report by ABI Research, there would be a tremendous jump in the use of robots in warehouses in the next five-six years. The report underlines that the same day delivery pressures would facilitate this change in trend globally.

The report pegs the volume of robots currently used in warehouses to the tune of 27,000 which will skyrocket to about 4 million. They will be installed in 50,000 warehouses across the globe as against 4000 presently.

Nick Finill, senior analyst at ABI Research, said: “Flexibility and efficiency have become primary differentiators in the ecommerce fulfillment market as retailers and third party logistics (3PLs) struggle to cope with volatile product demand, seasonal peaks, and rising consumer delivery expectations. Robots enable warehouses to scale operations up or down as required while offering major efficiency gains and mitigating inherent challenges associated with labour and staffing.”

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