Decline continues in global air cargo business

According to WorldACD latest report, the decline in the global air cargo business continued in the March as well after a steep drop witnessed in February. The volume decline is estimated to be in the range of 3.1 percent. The data has been compiled on the basis of analysis of 36 different geographical markets across the world.

Asia Pacific has been the worst hit with the overall reported decline of 7.6 percent in Q1. As much as five trade lanes from Asia Pacific have shown steep declining trends – Asia Pacific to Europe (-4.9%), Europe to Asia Pacific (-4.3%) and North America to Asia Pacific (-4.7%).

The noted trade lanes where a positive growth was witnessed includes – Europe to North America (+0.6%), Asia Pacific to Middle East & South Asia (MESA) (+2.9%), Africa to Europe (+2.1%) and intra-MESA (+2.6%). Smaller trade routes like  Latin America to Asia Pacific and Africa to North America also performed well registering a double-digit growth.

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