Amazon getting ready for drone delivery

Five years after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had expressed his intent to kickstart drone driven deliveries to the consumers, the company now appears to be close to making it a reality. The company has created a sensation by revealing a new design for its Prime Air delivery drones which could be pushed into the services sometime later this year.

Capable of vertical take off and landing, the prime air delivery drones can travel upto 15 miles and can carry consignments weighing less than 5 pounds. The air carrier of the future is equipped with advanced sensors to avoid any collision in mid-flight stage and can successfully navigate high wind conditions.

Introducing the drone at Amazon’s Re:MARS conference in Las Vegas, Amazon’s consumer worldwide CEO Jeff Wilke maintained that the drone has features which make it as stable as a commercial aircraft. “We know customers will only feel comfortable receiving drone deliveries if the system is incredibly safe,” he emphasized.

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