Companies looking to change ground transport strategy

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A recent survey titled “ The Logistics Transport Evolution: The Road Ahead”, commissioned by DHL, has revealed that companies across the globe are grappling with the issue of changing transport strategy to align with the fast growing e-commerce business.

“ Especially the extraordinarily high service expectations born of e-commerce are impacting businesses. Just to name a few: Customers are expecting same or next day delivery, variable last-mile delivery options, high in-transit visibility, as well as flexible or free return policies and always in-stock inventories,” the report underlines.

According to the report, the impact of e-commerce on markets, in general, and ground transportation in particular, varies by region. For example, when comparing the impact of e-commerce over the next one to two years versus three to five years, U.S. respondents expect the impact to slightly decrease, from 63% to 60% while, in Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America, that same impact number increases from 65% to 69%.

The research also showed that throughout Europe, the United States and Asia, more and more mega-urban centers are deploying congestion pricing and tolls on vehicles entering urban areas during peak business times – or, in some cases, at any time. Environmental concerns about transportation’s significant carbon footprint will grow as an issue and a potential constraint in delivering goods into these highly populated urban areas. Today, 76% of respondents stated legislation around mandatory carbon reporting is having a big impact on their transportation decision making.

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