FarEye launches real-time dynamic routing to support hyper-local deliveries

FarEye has announced the launch of AI-based real-time dynamic routing feature to empower on-time and cost-effective deliveries which will majorly impact the hyperlocal and grocery delivery industry that demands quick turn-around-time. The technology empowers businesses to minimize empty mile journeys, eliminate vehicle idling time and optimize the productivity of delivery executives by assigning them highly efficient routes.

According to a company release, a key area where FarEye’s real-time dynamic routing would make a difference is in fleet utilization. FarEye’s engine addresses the most exhaustive constraints that disrupt transportation operations. Some of these include driver-route mapping, pickup windows, delivery windows, no-entry time windows, tonnage, empty miles cost, running and waiting costs, etc.

“The food delivery market is on an exponential rise, with more than 2 million transactions made in a day in India alone. Globally, the online food delivery market is expected to reach US$ 112 billion by 2023. In such a high growing landscape, businesses need real-time insights on routes, fleet productivity and ability to make changes on the go. Dynamic routing capabilities enable businesses to get more competitive by empowering them to deliver delightful customer experiences and boost profitability,” said Kushal Nahata, CEO & Co-founder, FarEye.

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