“ We will introduce robotics based sortation solution next year in India”

GreyOrange, a leading emerging name in high end automation aligned to logistics and consumer  businesses, is all set to unveil robotics based sortation system in the Indian market. At the recently concluded India Warehousing House, the company for the first time displayed its next big offering which promises of high throughput sortation with several other benefits. Vivekanand, Country Manager, GreyOrange provided the details of this new offering in a brief chat with Ritwik Sinha on the sidelines of the exhibition even as he refused to comment on the possible pricing of the new solution for the end-users…  


Firstly, how would explain the USP of this new product vis-à-vis the existing solutions?  

The name of the product which we are displaying here is FLEXO and it is a robotic based sortation system. Here robots are doing sortation for the last mile destination which is normally undertaken by linear sorters. The robotics based sorter is quite flexible and scalable. It means that if you have adopted it today, you will not have to think about your throughput plans in the near to medium run or two-three years down the line. You can scale it up as and when your throughput increases. You can start with as little as 1,500 throughputs or scans per hour. But you can keep on increasing it by adding more bots and you can keep on adding more destinations. The other benefit is that earlier for linear machine or cross belt sorters, you needed to have a specific layout available in the warehouse. But this solution can be set up in anykind of space available. You can easily set it up in a ‘U’ or ‘W’ shaped space. It doesn’t require a proper rectangular space. This is quite a mobile tool. If you are moving from one place to another, it can be easily deployed at the new place since nothing is fixed in this. At the new place, you just have to put in the bar code and you can run it. So there is no fixed infrastructure you need to operate it.

Is it the next major offering from your high-end automation solutions portfolio?  

It is definitely the next step. But having said that, the relevance of conventional sorters will remain since they can also conduct very high throughput, In this new system too, technically there is no limit for throughput.

Is this solution more aligned to back-end e-commerce operations?

Most likely because that is the domain where the throughput requirements are very high.

When are you going to introduce this product in India?

It would be sometime next year. In India, we are looking for a beta customer who is looking for innovation and who can work with us to analyse and improve this. It has already been launched in European and the US market.

What is the kind of pricing you wish to command for this solution?

I wouldn’t be able to comment on this. We are yet to work on it. As I said, we are looking for a beta customer to evaluate it before deciding other things.

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