EVs to comprise 50% of Blowhorn’s fleet by 2022

Tech-logistics start up Blowhorn has announced plans to move 50% of its fleet to eco-friendly mobility solutions like EVs, Hybrid vehicles, CNG by the end of 2021 and 100% by 2025. The company stated that it has a dedicated team building out a robust action plan to make this ambitious goal practicable.

The company maintains that it has over the past several months held advanced discussions with multiple stakeholders including several EV and battery manufacturers, technologies targeting EV alternatives, and the broader mobility ecosystem. To underscore its commitment, Blowhorn also announced that it had expanded the roles of several of its most senior executives to drive this critical initiative. Currently, 10% of Blowhorn fleet  run on EVs and environmentally sustainable.

Mithun Srivatsa, co-founder and CEO of Blowhorn, says, ” We are at an interesting inflection point where experimental technologies are poised to become mainstream. We have always believed that the future of smart logistics is green, and we hope that this public articulation of our commitment will spur more players in the broader logistics industry to follow suit.”

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