Holisol launches AI powered supply chain platform

Delhi headquartered Holisol Logistics in partnership with Cogneau Systems has launched ‘Verdis’ (Virtual Data ScientistTM), an Artificial Intelligence platform focused on the supply chain function.

Verdis, has been built to operate even in the most complex functional environments such as those present in retail and automotive industries and has the capabilities to help organisations balance between the twin challenges of responsiveness and efficiency by bringing in higher visibility, predictability and control over their key performance parameters.

Rahul Dogar, Co-founder of Holisol Logistics, said, ‘Verdis is a powerful, AI driven supply chain specific solution and can be a game changer for organisations wanting to stay on top of SCM deliverables’’. Sunil Mehta, Co-founder of Cogneau Systems, affirmed the strategic advantages of this tie up: ‘’Holisol’s deep understanding of the supply chain along with the intelligence of Verdis has created a product that will prove to be the differentiating factor for organisations aspiring to stay competitive in the face of increasing complexity and uncertainty in the supply chain’’.

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