EICI expresses reservations with draft logistics policy

Express Industry Council of India (EICI), an industry body comprising leading express logistics companies in the country, has expressed reservations with the recommendations of the draft national logistics policy unveiled earlier. The industry body is of the view that the interests particularly of the domestic air cargo industry have not been adequately addressed in the draft policy.


“We laud the efforts in preparing the draft policy covering a broad spectrum of focus areas to drive the growth of Indian logistics sector. However, we note that the policy document does not focus on express industry and air cargo sectors, which are integral parts of the logistics network. The air express has also been overlooked in the multi modal mix even though air is an essential segment of the movement of goods,” EICI Chief Operating Officer Vijay Kumar has been quoted as saying in a recent media report.

“ In developing countries like India, an efficient air express infrastructure contribute directly to global competitiveness of the country by ensuring just in time deliveries and reduced clearance dwell time,” he added further.

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