Modest to hefty increase in DHL Express shipment charges

DHL Express services will become costlier from the beginning of the next year. And the increase would be in the range of between 7 to 15 percent depending on the nature of the consignment.

According to a company release, the average shipment price increase will be 6.9%. However, this increase may go up to 15% for shipments of cross border e-commerce, owing to higher costs of delivery.

“At DHL Express, we constantly strive to deliver unparalleled quality and to keep serving our customers better. This means we need to make significant investments in infrastructure,” said R.S. Subramanian Country Manager, DHL Express India.

“The annual price adjustment allows us to invest in new lower carbon-emissions aircrafts, improved hubs and facilities, as well as innovative technologies. This also includes development of top-of-the line sorting technology allowing us to handle increasing volumes and maintain market-leading transit times,” he added.

The prices are revised on an annual basis by DHL Express, also accounting for inflation and currency dynamics. Depending on local conditions, price adjustments will vary from country to country, and will apply to all customers where contracts allow.

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