Cargill redesigns packaging to reduce carbon footprint

Cargill’s oils business in India has redesigned its packaging by cutting down on the amount of raw plastic used across all products. In association with Dow Chemical, the business reformulated its plastic material, making 90% of its plastic packaging recyclable and will be used in the packaging of its popular edible oil brands Gemini, Sweekar, and NatureFresh. To raise further awareness,  the brands carry the slogan “recycle the present, save the future” on their packaging.

Commenting on the intiative, Piyush Patnaik, Managing Director, Cargill’s oils business in India said, “As a responsible business, we started this initiative with the goal of rethinking plastic packaging without compromising on packaging quality. Our efforts in the future will be strengthened as we are working to further our efforts to reduce, recycle and recover plastic packaging. We are constantly harmonizing our objectives with government initiatives to impact change in a su

To improve the recovery of recyclable plastics, Cargill’s oils business in India is working with the Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA), India’s First PRO regd. with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), to strengthen the collection and processing of used packages from consumers.

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