Railways to formulate guidelines for e-Commerce consignment

Indian Railways is keen to tap on the opportunity of adding e-commerce consignments to its freight portfolio and is expected to formulate a specific guideline soon.

It had recently initiated a pilot project to examine the feasibility of using Railways’ parcel service for e-commerce players. Under the pilot project, Amazon India has been provided 2.5 tonnes space in the SLR/Break Van under Guard’s charge for loading/unloading of consignments, in New Delhi-Sealdah Rajdhani Express and  New Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express trains. Railways is expected to come out with the guideline after completion of the feasibility study.

Indian Railways has set the target of earning Rs 1,43,000 crore through its freight operations in the current fiscal. It has initiated various schemes to increase earnings from freight business, such as Liberalised Automatic Freight Rebate scheme for traffic loaded in empty flow direction, Long Term Tariff Contracts (LTTC) with key freight customers, Station to Station rates (STS), de-notification of large number of commodities to bring them under FAK rates, etc.

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