Skylo receives funding support from SoftBank

Skylo, maker of the world’s most affordable and ubiquitous network that connects any machine or sensor, has announced raising $103 million in series B funding. The round was led by the SoftBank Group.

Skylo will bring instant, affordable and ubiquitous Internet of Things connectivity to millions of machines, sensors and devices, also offers defining solutions for the logistics industry by way of mobilizing date for shipping and logistics. By equipping with Skylo’s geographically ubiquitous connectivity, customers have a way to access real-time delivery updates, ensure the integrity of temperature-sensitive deliveries (like pharmaceuticals or food), monitor maintenance schedules, certify safety compliance, and more.

“Skylo lives up to the definition of a disruptive innovation — with its low costs, it will enable millions of unconnected devices to experience the transformative effects of connectivity — saving lives, enhancing livelihoods and creating connections where they didn’t exist before,” said Skylo Board Chairman and former U.S. Ambassador Terry Kramer. “Skylo is a global game-changer.”


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