Aviation Industry is worst affected

Murali Ramachandran, CEO-India, Celebi Aviation Holding

The aviation industry being at the centre of the coronavirus pandemic, is probably the most impacted. The situation has become quite concerning, now. Following the visa directives, most airlines have started cancelling flights. There has been a steep fall in the number of flights being handled. It’s almost negligible now.

With a work force of over 8000, we might have to take up  some extreme decisions like ‘leave without pay’ and other measures as an alternative to try and secure our market viability. Some countries, where we operate, are providing financial support for continued salaries, during this crisis. We expect a similar support from the Indian Government to avoid layoffs. Other measures like waiver of airport charges, moratorium on statuary & bank payments  etc., are necessary measures to help lower the cost burden on us, till things return to normalcy.

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