Pizza Hut’s #QualityTimeNotQuarantine campaign

Pizza Hut, India’s leading pizza brand, has come up with an initiative #QualityTimeNotQuarantine that urges people to be optimistic while staying at home and appreciate the extra time that they have got, with themselves and family during this time of crisis.

Across the world, a whopping number of schools, colleges, offices have been shut and professionals have been asked to work from home.  Emphasizing on the bright side, the current situation has given some extra “me and we” time to people from their fast-paced modern routine and have allowed them to share love and care with their closed ones.

Sharing her thoughts around the initiative, Neha, Marketing Director, Pizza Hut India said, “This story has two parts, the first part of the crisis is extremely important & serious as millions of people across the world are locked down in their homes to play their part in these difficult times.  But there’s also been an unexpected second part, a positive, brighter side. And that is the additional time that we all have discovered! Restart hobbies, have meals in leisure, spend time with loved ones or maybe just more ‘me’ time and enjoy moments that were lost due to the daily rigor of routine.”

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