Freightwaves Webinar: Addressing the Disruption

The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is being felt globally with massive disruptions to manufacturing, retail, distribution, and transportation. To help stakeholders to understand and mitigate its impact while adding future resiliency to their supply chains, FreightWaves and Descartes are partnering for an hour-long webinar on Thursday, April 2 at 2pm ET.

Industry thought leaders Chris Jones, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Services for Descartes Systems Group; Mark Segner, Vice President of Sales for Descartes Datamyne; and Jackson Wood, Director of Industry Solutions and Trade Compliance for Descartes Systems Group, will be revealing statistics-driven insights on how supply chain patterns have started to shift.

The session will cover following topics:
• Examples of how trade flows and supply chain patterns have shifted
• How to use global trade intelligence solutions to assess market dynamics (opportunities and threats)
• How to quickly find alternative suppliers, determine their duty impact, and vet them
• And more!

Key focus areas will include:

• Assessing the COVID-19 impact on international trade and supply sources
• How to take action now
• Technology solutions that can help

For participation, you can register by clicking the link given below:–lESO_CofvmsyAMH5kw05gRnBY7OSxq1TBHUsRDSDYf-ESNDGyV_96mHaZnr6i4ifkoIePokBr0qtatKPKCOxa1g1VlB5e-bNqb3xQw-6TEx3NMLI&_hsmi=84867094&utm_source=hs_email&utm_content=84867094&hsCtaTracking=9ff0a4dc-c322-4f2d-91d7-6f51cd64d0f5%7C494eb4ac-8aa5-4fa9-b2f7-b46bc49d42e8&eventid=2229802&sessionid=1&key=30CA02A7BE41BCC6E1B07C434109794C&regTag=&sourcepage=register

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