“ Launched special services to deal with crisis”

According to Sachin Haritash, CEO and Founder of digital start-up Mavyn ( a platform that connects fleet owners and end-users for their diverse transportation requirements across the country), the platform has initiated new line of services to help its customers in the current crisis period. Edited excerpts of a brief conversation with Ritwik Sinha…      



Industry insiders are maintaining that following the lockdown, not more than 5-8 percent of freight vehicles are operating right now. What is your assessment of the situation? – 

As per our data and industry perspective, not more than 3-% or  90,000 of total number  of vehicles in India which is 1.03 crore, are operating.

How would you explain the booking trends through your portal in the last two weeks? Long-haul movement is believed to have received a major set-back and you specialise in it – providing solutions for over 800 km long transportation requirements. – 

Initially in first week there was only 5% business left. There is scarcity  of drivers for long haul movements because they are operated by large fleet owners who have their own fleets. There are challenges related to food as dhabas are not operational, repair and maintenance of vehicles due to non operational workshops enroute and safety on highways.

Mavyn is completely faceless, paperless and digital organisation which is the only company in this space with operations across India. We have also started short haul inter-state services  to support movements of essential commodities.  We have seen 150% business growth since last Monday and it is picking up even more pace as more advisories and notifications are being issued by the central and state governments.

The lifting of restrictions on non-essential commodities announced last sunday –  has it really resulted in more action? There are many who say that drivers are not available.  

Yes, companies are now taking approvals to operate and to arrange labour for manufacturing. We hope demand for vehicles will increase. It is true that most of the drivers of the large fleet have left vehicles stranded enroute and have gone back home. But single vehicle truck owners, whose bread and butter is his vehicle, are  now serving the nation at this tough times. They have to manage their food, money, repair, maintenance and hygiene.

Have you undertaken any special initiative to draw more customers to your platform in this crisis spell which is unprecedented for everyone?  – 

We have launched special services – anywhere to anywhere FTL movements – so that we can serve our customers across India. For Mavyn, it is possible as our business model is faceless and virtual . We have made special WFH teams who are providing timely placements and deliveries as per customer requirements because all shipments are critical and time bound deliveries.  We have advised and guided FMCG industry how to bring empty vehicles to manufacturing facilities or fulfilment centres. For this,  the companies who have taken approval from DCP or DM to operate can issue self declaration on their letterheads stating to bring vehicles to facility which will be used for essential commodity movements. We are making them available all update gazettes and notifications as being a FICCI member of national logistics committee.

Hypothetically speaking in a scenario where lockdown is lifted in large parts of the country on the given schedule, how much time it will take for the freight transportation industry to get back in the regular mode?          – 

In the recent days, we have seen more clarity vis-à-vis advisories or notifications given by governments at the center and the states to the local administration and the situation seems to be slowly improving. . As it is a nation wide lockdown, it may be gradually opened, starting with essential commodities to non-essential items. Once the lockdown is completely lifted, the production may resume at plants followed by goods to be dispatched. I guess, it may take upto six months for freight sector to come to a regular mode.

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