Holisol extends its tech stack to optimize production planning

Holisol Logistics, a leading supply chain solution provider, has launched PPC (production planning & control) and DAP (dispatch allocation planning) marking its entry in customers manufacturing supply chains.

VERDIS, Holisol’s AI and ML system has added two additional modules to assist the customer to optimise their production and dispatch planning by analysing demand, sales forecasts, production capacities, rules and planning constraints analysing up to 75m data points to give an output which has helped customers save several million and precious resources involved in the planning process.

Using mathematical model design PPC module runs a simulation, to propose a solution with the highest degree of optimality among the several possible contenders for the final production plan. The solution proposed ensures greater optimization, enhanced productivity, and greater responsiveness & cost savings.

DAP module of VERDIS performs an analysis of millions of dynamic data points to find the most optimal dispatch allocation plan that is cost-effective and fulfil the sales requirement with the least degree of variance in terms of delivery in full and on time.

Rahul S Dogar, Co-Founder of Holisol Logistics,commented,: “With PPC and DAP modules Holisol has ventured into the manufacturing segment of the supply chain and will continue to build an end-to-end value chain system tohelp customers digitalise and optimise their supply chains”

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