Innovation: Nano-coated filter for healthcare workers

Indian Institute of Technology Madras Researchers have developed a nano-coated filter media for healthcare workers treating COVID-19 Patients. This filter has applications not only in healthcare but also has defence applications and other places where air filtration of submicron particles is required.

This nano-coated filter media has been fabricated by a nylon-based polymer coating on cellulose paper and was developed through the electrospinning process. The coating properties are optimized for efficient removal of sub-micron sized dust particles in the air.

The nano-coated filter media is in the process of being field tested in practical applications. Upon validation through field trials, it will be recommended for bulk manufacturing through industry collaborations.

Highlighting the unique aspects of the nano-coated filter media, Prof. K. Arul Prakash, Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras, said, “The nano-coating fabricated through the electrospinning  process have fiber diameter less than 1 micron and can be positioned according to the need to enhance surface/depth filtration for healthcare workers or public responders. This novel filter with multiple nano-coating have capabilities to filter particles of the order of one micron size, which is a remarkable achievement.”

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