Tech Startup launches anti-Covid garment

Indian Tech Startup Muse Nanobots has launched a nanotech coating for textiles that can inactivate the Coronavirus within five minutes of contact. As the economy begins to open up after months of lockdown, Muse nano-coated textiles can offer enhanced protection for common people to travel and will provide great safety to frontline healthcare, hospital, hotels and restaurant workers.

Muse Nanobots conducted a study with the U.S.-based Situ Biosciences, an ISO 170205-accredited, independent product test laboratory in Chicago, which specializes in providing microbial product testing. The Study, conducted to understand the effectiveness of Muse Nanobots antiviral coating on coronavirus 229E, showed that it inactivated 99.99 per cent of the coronavirus 229E within five minutes of contact time. The study was conducted in accordance with ISO 18184, the international standards for determining antiviral activity of textile products.

Muse Nanobots, a subsidiary of the IIT Madras-incubated Muse Wearables Startup, which sells payment-enabled hybrid smartwatches in 70 countries, has filed two patents. It is already in touch with around 40 Indian companies including Government Research Organizations. It is also in advanced stages of negotiations with a few companies to install the nano-coating machines at their production facilities.

Highlighting the unique aspects of this nanocoating, Sai Prasanth, Co-founder of Muse Nanobots, “We are one of the  first Indian technology companies to prove, via clinical testing and validation, the coating efficacy of our product on the Coronavirus.”

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