FM Logistic to set up intra-city warehousing across 3 major metros

Pune-based FM Logistic India is looking to set up intra-city warehousing units across Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, including by converting some abandoned mills into such facilities, amid an increasing demand for quick deliveries by online customers.

The company is in discussion with a closed mill owner in Mumbai, while exploring the possibility of such projects in Delhi and Bengaluru.However, along with this, FM Logistic is also open to set up completely new intra-city warehousing facilities as well, says Alexandre Amine Soufiani, Managing Director, FM Logistic India

The French 3PL (third-party logistics) player made a foray into the domestic market after acquiring Pune-based warehousing firm Spear Logistics in 2016.

In the post-COVID-19 scenario, having an intra-city warehousing facility is a must to be able to deliver the goods to the end-customer within hours of placement of an order. But, the land in the cities is costly, Soufiani said.

“We are scouting for warehousing facilities inside the cities of Mumbai and Delhi to either build new multi-story warehouses, which is a new concept, or to refurbish abandoned cotton mills in Mumbai within the city,” he added.

He said he has to partner with e-commerce and other omni-channel retail companies and offer them multi-customer facilities with intra-city warehouses.

FM Logistic India has presence in over 90 locations, and it provides warehousing and distribution logistics services for the FMCG, retail, automotive, e-commerce, engineering, telecom, pharma and other sectors.

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