KTM launches Adventure Trails in 10 cities

KTM, the world’s #1 & India’s fastest growing premium motorcycle brand, launched and conducted the KTM Adventure Trails across multiple cities.

KTM Adventure Trails are aimed at introducing the owners to adventure biking by taking them on single-day rides exploring exciting trails. These nature trails have been carefully selected and curated by KTM Experts to provide a wholesome riding experience and to impart basic riding techniques of navigating terrains of different kinds. The Adventure Trails are curated in a way that within the vicinity of their cities, riders discover hidden paths that they have never seen before.  They also help in familiarizing the riders with the capabilities of their KTM Adventure bikes and its versatility both on and off the road. KTM Adventure Trails are organised exclusively for KTM Adventure owners and customers who wish to enrol can reach out to their respective dealerships as per the schedule.

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